Gold Documentation


A key consideration is that you can trust your gold and other mineral providers with regard to the authenticity of your product. Verifying the authenticity of the gold and other metals is of paramount importance. We have the experience and the authentication procedures in place to ensure that your preferred mineral is genuine.

Documentation & Verification

We provide all necessary documentation and permits needed for you to conclude the mineral buying process. We will help and guide you through the bureaucratic processes so that everything runs smoothly. We also provide verification of any documents or certificates assigned during the process to ensure their authenticity

Transportation and Shipping For Bulk Gold Purchases

Kaloti offers discounted shipping to any destination for bulk gold purchases and repeat customers. Transportation and logistics can be quite a tricky undertaking on the African continent. However with us you need not worry as we have mastered this area letting you acquire your gold bullion with peace of mind. For small scale buyers, we also have a good and trusted network of logistics companies that will facilitate the transportation of your gold bars to your preferred destination. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us now to buy cheap gold from Africa today.

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