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We connect mineral and commodity buyers on the African continent to reputable and authentic sellers established, respected and trusted within either their domestic and international markets. We provide due diligence on all mineral and commodity providers to make sure you get the right product hassle free. We only deal with trusted mineral and commodity experts with a strong track record of protecting and growing client’s wealth.

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Internationally Gold Seller 

We ensure that all the gold you receive is refined by an accredited bullion mint or refiner, stamped with a serial number and is of a purity of at least 99.5%. Once a gold bar has been assayed and is of proven weight and purity to be accepted by the professional markets, the bar should remain in professional vaults recognized international financial exchanges. A gold bar that remains within the gold market’s chain of integrity can be easily traded and exchanged and furthermore, it does not need to be reassayed or reproven. Gold bullion that remains within the chain of…

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Competitive Global Leaders In The Gold And Precious Metals Industry

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Buy Gold biscuits and bars online. KalotiPM offers the largest collection of Gold for sale in the world wide. Enjoy…

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We are local gold mining company with a large scale of miners to supply gold worldwide in large quantity.

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